Novi shliakhy: literaturno-naukovyi, mystets'kyi i hromads'kyi misiachnyk [New paths: a literary, artistic and political journal], vol. I, nos. 1, 2, 8, vol. II, nos. 1, 3, 7/8 (1930); vol. III, nos. 6, 7/8 (1931).

L'viv: Naklad vydavnychoi spilky "Novi shliakhy" 1929-1932. Octavos (25.3 × 17 cm). Original decorative wrappers by Sviatoslav Hordyns'kyi; approximately 100 pp. per issue. Occasional illustrations and caricatures. Extensive publisher's ads, for the journal "Novi shliakhy" as well as books published by the editors. Very good issues; three issues with professional restoration to spine; occasional small nicks to spine extremities. Item #6457

Eight individual issues of this journal, an important print organ for modernist writing and social thought in Western Ukraine, which was edited by Anton Krushel'nytsky and published 1929-1932. With contributions by Antin Krushel'nytsky, Avenir Kolomiets, Iuliian Opil's'kyi, Petro Koval', Volodymyr Sichyn'skyi, Iurii Tekur, Ivan Chemeryns'kyi, M. Rozenfel'd, Sonia Haiferman, and many others. Also included are reproductions of paintings and graphic art by Oleksa Novakivs'kyi, Volodymyr Grytsenko, Sel'skyi, V. Kryzhanivs'kyi, Z. Zaryts'ka, V. Narbut, and many others, usually on better paper stock. "Novi shliakhy included on its governing board figures who represented mainstream Galicia, such as Kost Levytsky, Ilarion Svientsitsky, and Mykhailo Rudnytsky. It published the expressionist poet Antin Pavliuk, the surrealist verse of Vasyl Khmeliuk ... and Hordynsky's stunning book dovers, which were influenced by expressionist graphic design. Novi shliakhy was linked to the left-leaning Western Ukrainian Artistic Union (ZUMO)" (Myroslav Shkandrij, Ukrainian Nationalism, Yale University Press, 2015, p. 140). The Krushelnytskys, a well-educated family of artists, writers, critics, and publishers, were Soviet sympathizers who met a terrible fate: after returning to live in Soviet Ukraine in 1932, both of Anton's sons were arrested and executed (Taras and Ivan). Anton Krushelnytsky himself perished in a forced labor camp in 1937. Wrappers designed by Sviatoslav Hordyns'kyi. We could not trace any complete runs of this serial in KVK or OCLC, which show various issues for 1929-1930 at Alberta, Harvard, LOC, Toronto, UCL, and Indiana (which also holds one issue for 1931).

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