Original ink drawing ("Im. Ikh shterbe!!! Ikh shraibe!! Ikh shaibe"), dated 1986.

[Soviet Union]: 1986. Single sheets of creased semi-transparent tracing paper with ink and gouache to rectos and versos. Measures 24.5 × 17.5 cm. Signed and dated by the artist. Item #6200

[Soviet Nonconformist Art -- Neofuturism].

Original drawing by the nonconformist poet and artist Boris Konstriktor, a member of the Transfuturists group “the only group in the post-Stalin period to have a close relationship with the Russian Futurists” and one which “from the beginning included experimentation in visual and verbal art simultaneously.” The group also produced minimalist and conceptualist works. The Transfuturists (or, in fact, "Transfurists") consisted of Boris Konstriktor, Ry Nikonova, and Sergei Sigei (as well as a number of other temporary members) who coalesced around the underground, samizdat (self-published) journal "Transponans" (1979-1986). The scholar of nonconformist art Gerald Janecek writes: “Since the issues were all hand made, it was possible to vary and combine materials, use elaborate original collages, hand coloring, original sketches unusually shaped and cutout pages to spectacular effect. Contributions to the journal included a wide range of contemporary avant-gardists such as Dmitry Prigov, Genrikh Sapgir, A. Nik, Igor Bakhterev (the last surviving member of OBERIU group), Yuri Lederman and many others” (Richard Kostelanetz ed. A Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes, pp.618). This drawing, with appears to draw on both concrete (or visual) poetry and graffiti-style writing, dates to the last year of the group's journal, and may have been connected to the samizdat publication in combining word and image to achieve artistic effect. Konstrictor’s literary output also circulated in samizdat under the pseudonym Boris Vantalov. His work is well represented at the Museum of Nonconformist Art in St. Petersburg.

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