Päng. Alternativ-Zeitung. Also spelled: Pängg and Pänggg. Later subtitles: Die beste Zeitung der Welt [The best paper in the world]. Nos. 1–11 (all published). With two ephemeral publisher’s catalogs.

Nürnberg: UPN-Volksverlag, 1970-1976. Quartos (ca. 42 × 30 cm, folded to 30 × 21 cm). Issue six with a promotional flyer; issue 8–9 with a large poster. Very good. Item #6149

[“We are the people our parents warned us about!”]. Complete run of this German underground paper, inspired by American counter-culture movements and considered the voice of various hippies, “loafers,” Provos, and beatniks. Issued with numerous subtitles, among them “Central organ of the revolutionary youth.” Key topics were sexual freedom, psychedelics, communal living, and other alternative and anarchist practices, but many of the articles also expressed sympathy for the RAF. The editor, Raymond Martin, founded a commune in provincial Kucha, inspired by the American Yippie movement. Many of the articles focus on the life of Martin and his group, but American topics also feature prominently, such as Timothy Leary and the plight of the Indians. In 1972, police searched the commune, possibly in connection with the use of RAF insignia. The journal was discontinued in 1976, after which Martin went on to garner fame as a publisher of German comics. KVK, OCLC show various issues, but not a single complete run, and often only one or two issues, at IISG, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Schweizerisches Sozialarchiv, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Harvard, NYU, Michigan, and Texas.

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