Horizont: revue současné kultury v Československu. Revue der zeitgenössischen Kultur in der Tschechoslovakei. Revue de la culture contemporaine de Tchecoslovaquie [Review of contemporary culture in Czechoslovakia], nos. 1–38 in 22 issues (all published, including all ephemeral supplements).

Brno: Václav Roštlapil, 1928–1932. Quartos (31 × 24 cm). Original pictorial wrappers; ca. 12-60 pp. each. A very good set, preserving the wrap-around bands of issues 1 and 2. Item #5492

A monumental, stunningly produced journal on modernist and avant-garde art and architecture, with a special focus on constructivist and functionalist tendencies. Sparing few expenses, Horizont was printed on heavy coated stock and with many photographic illustrations. Edited by Jiří Kroha, who was represented by J. B. Svrček in Brno and Artuš Černík in Prague, along with foreign editors and representatives E. E. Kisch in Berlin, E. Prampolini in Rome, O. Rülke in Moscow, and Jindřich Štyrský in Paris. In 1928, Černík was replaced by Kroha’s personal assistant, the noted Brno architect Václav Roštlapil (1901–1979). The journal’s early issues focus on various forms of visual art and cultural life, such as film and theatre, while the later ones concentrate more on various aesthetic and technical aspects of modernist architecture. With critical essays on design, decorative arts, glassware, textiles, fine bindings, trade and art exhibitions, some with color illustrations. Aside from Czech art and architecture, attention was paid to French, German, and Russian constructivism. With contributions by Štyrský and Toyen, Walden Herwarth on Jazz, Karel Smrž on film, Teige on contemporary literature, and illustrations by Corbusier, Cocteau (“Dada Teatre”), Brancusi and many others. Svrček contributed reviews of works by the Skupina výtvarných umělců in Brno. With several larger monographic issues devoted to individual architects, such as Kroha, Klement Šilinger, B. Čermák, Zoltán Egri, Ernst Wiesner, the Brno Arts and Crafts Manufacture (UP), the Leipzig Fair, and the monumental 1928 exhibition of contemporary Czechoslovak culture held in Brno (two double issues). With striking typographic design and numerous color advertisements throughout.

Our set from the estate of the editor, Václav Roštlapil. Not in Vloemans. KVK, OCLC show a single issue at the French National Library, issues at Getty and the British Library, substantial runs at the Met’s Watson Library and TU Delft, and one complete run at Princeton.

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