Tsagan ovsni dol'gan. (Kovyl'nye volny: neperiodicheskii organ Kalmytskoi Nazional'no-Politicheskoi Gruppy “Khal'mak tangachin tuk” pod redaktsiei Prezidiuma gruppy) [Feather grass waves: irregular print organ of the Kalmyk national political group Khal'mak tangachin tuk].

Joinville-le-Pont: 1930-1937. Quarto (29 × 21 cm). Original printed wrappers; 42 [1] pp of mimeographed text to rectos and versos. Rust to staple, wrappers detached and frayed; last leaf detached; old vertical crease; still good or better. Item #4563

Scarce issue of this exile periodical published by the Kalmyk National organization Khal'mak tangachin tuk, which served as an important print organ for exiled members of the Kalmyk ethnic group, which was heavily marginalized during the Soviet period. The journal's key goal was to maintain the national, cultural, political, and religious autonomy of the Kalmyk population in Russia, to define its enemy – the totalitarian political ideology of Bolshevism – and achieve greater visibility in the world, above all in Western European countries such as France. This issue contains various articles about these issues, as well as lyrics and an article in Kalmyk. The traditional vertical Kalmyk script was replaced 1924 by the Cyrillic script. The title of the journal is a reminder of the main landscape of the Kalmyk region - steppe full of feather grass (Stipa) - which metaphorically stands for the strong willpower of the Kalmyks.

Aside from various microform copies, KVK and OCLC show what appear to be complete runs at Hoover and LOC, as well as separate issues at IISG (issues 12-14, 15) and Ohio State (nos. 13-15).

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