Postcard: "Lai dzivo stradnieku kultura" ("Long live the worker's culture").

[Riga]: ca. 1920. Original postcard, ca. 1919-1920; 13.2 × 9.2 cm. Used, with postal stamp dated February 1921. Very light wear, still good or better. Item #4142

Postcard showing a drawing by the Latvian avant-garde painter and graphic artist Niklavs Strunke. Niklaus Strunke (1894-1966), the Latvian landscape painter, graphic designer and illustrator who studied at the Imperial Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia and trained with Bilibin, Roerich, and Bakst. Strunke became one of the foremost Latvian avant-garde artists in the 1920s and helped implement Cubism in Latvian design and painting.