Domas: daiļliterātūras, mākslas un zinātnes mēnešraksts [Thoughts: a monthly review for literature, the arts, and science]. Vol. 9, nos. 1-10 (complete year).

Riga: 1932. Large octavos (24.5 × 17 cm). Original pictorial wrappers with a lino-cut cover in varying colors (resulting in ten variant designs) by Kārlis Bušs; 707, [9] (approximately 80 pp. per issue). Several linocut illustrations throughout. Good to very good copies; occasional light wear to wrapper edges and spines; some light foxing. Item #4126

Complete yearly run, in twelve issues, of the Latvian leftist literary, arts, and politics journal 'Domas' ('Thoughts'), published from 1922 to 1934. The final years are perhaps the most sophisticated and important, both in terms of content and graphic design, and the closest the journal came to identifying with the Latvian avant-garde movement. With essays on the situation in politics and labor rights in Latvia and abroad (the growing threat of Nazi-Germany); articles of literary and art criticism; modernist and occasionally futurist poetry by Aleksandrs Čaks, Valdis Grēviņš, Arvīds Grigulis and others, and original prose by Kārlis Dziļleja and others. In addition to contributions by Latvian writers, the issues contain translations of works by Sergei Tretiakov and Henri Barbusse. Issue five contains an essay on Expressionist and Cubist tendencies in Czech literature.

Although 'Domas' was not as radical as other Latvian journals of the period (such as 'Signals'), it contained openly Marxist contributions and was shuttered in 1934 after the coup by Kārlis Ulmanis. James Fraser notes that "for a brief period at the end of its publication (1931/1932), 'Domas' covers were typographically bold with late-constructivist imagery in flat color, exhibiting a diffuse tie to contemporary European vanguard design movements." He also suggests the attribution of the linocut covers for 1932 to Kārlis Bušs (who is explicitly credited in some of the issues). Most issues feature two to three linocut illustrations by Aleksandrs Junkers (1899-1876), as well as occasional works by Bušs.

See: Fraser, Publishing and Book Design in Latvia 1919-1940, p. 135-136. Fraser L306.

Outside of Latvia, KVK and OCLC only show this year at NYPL (with other scattered issues at Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Herder-Institut, and IISG).

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