Two ALS by Count Dmitri Andreevich Tolstoy (1823–1889), a Russian politician who served as Minister of Education as well as Interior Minister, both addressed to a M. d’Adelung.

N.p. 1872. N.p., [1872], single folded leaves measuring 20.5 × 14 and 19 × 12.5 cm. Item #3414

Two holograph letters containing a polite request to be introduced to “Her Majesty the Queen” before Tolstoy’s return to St. Petersburg. “N’ayant pas eu le plaisir de vous trouver a à la maison, je me permets de vous déranger par écrit: n’y a-t-il pas moyen, si ce n’est pas à présent, plus tard de se présenter à Sa Majesté la Reine?” (February 21, 1872). “Je préviens votre arrivée par ma très humble prière de vouloir bien demander pour moi l’autorisation de Sa Majesté la Reine d’avoir le bonheur de me présenter à Sa Majesté...” The best known politician of the Tolstoy family, Dmitri Tolstoy was an important figure of the reactionary climate of the 1880s. He promoted strict Russification efforts in Poland and Ukraine as well as harsh censorship throughout the Empire, along with an orientation on the values of Autocracy and Russian Orthodoxy. Tolstoy also published numerous historical works and served as president of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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