Mysli o vozvrashchenii [Thoughts about returning].

Munich: Golos naroda, 1957. Octavo (20 × 14 cm). Original illustrated sewn wrappers; 29 pp. Fragile, toned text; some chipping to spine and upper right corner of text. Item #2068

An intriguing pamphlet aimed at Russian emigres of the second wave (who found themselves in Western Europe following WWII). Ternovskii addresses the very topical question of repatriation, but argues persuasively that a return to the Communist regime would have unfortunate consequences for individuals, and would also damage the efforts of emigre anti-Communist organizations. The cover illustration shows a repenting repatriated Russian during a conversation with three Soviet investigators, who were known to screen such individuals. It is now known that most Russians who repatriated following WWII were treated as traitors and often sentenced to prison camps or executed. The publisher (Golos Naroda, or The People's Voice) was associated with SBONR, the Union for the Struggle for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia, which consisted largely of second-wave emigres and was less nationalist in orientation than other anti-Communist movements. This copy was handled by the legendary Paris collector and book dealer Andrei Savine, who specialized in Russian emigre publications in the 1970-90s. His price, which corresponds to the record held by the UNC Chapel Hill, is written in pencil on the rear fly leaf: "80- (k. 40) (i.e. catalog 40).” It apparently passed through Savine's shop in the early 1980s. Savine incorrectly categorized this title as a publication by Russian displaced persons, though it is now well-established that the DP era ended in December 1951. Savine 06258. We can only locate ten copies in KVK and WorldCat.

Price: €125.00